Different types of espresso machines

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What is an espresso

seholds own a simple coffee maker that they use to brew fresh coffee every day. But drinking the same type of beverage each morning can make you grow tired of it and you start searching for alternatives. Check out the Coffee On Point website to find articles about different types of coffee. Here we will cover the basics of espresso machines.

Espresso is the most concentrated coffee type available. This Italian style of serving coffee has been around for over a century now. Espresso is made by passing pressurized boiling water through finely-ground coffee beans. The high coffee concentration means that they are extremely strong and you should not drink too much of it at once. A single shot of espresso is usually around one ounce. A double shot is called a doppio. When you order an espresso at restaurants they are traditionally served with a cup of still water. Besides being an excellent beverage on its own, espresso can also serve as a base for other coffee drinks, such as lattes or macchiatos. Drinking espresso instead of regular drip coffee will give you the kick of energy you need within minutes.

Different types of espresso machines

Espresso machines can be divided into three categories based on their automation level.


Manual espresso machines are the most traditional ones. The user has to do the whole process by themselves which can be tiring and difficult to learn but on the other hand, gives you complete control over how you want your espresso to turn out. You need to grind the beans yourself and then manually generate the pressure needed to brew a perfect shot of espresso. This requires precision and takes a lot of time to learn even for professional baristas. Manual espresso machines are rarely seen nowadays as they are considered to be too cumbersome and time-consuming.


Semi-automatic espresso machines take the pressure generating component out of the equation. The other parts still need to be done manually. The user grinds the beans, loads the filter, and decides with a push of the button when to start and stop the brewing process. You also get to choose how big or small a cup you want to pour. They are the most common type of espresso machines because they are user-friendly but still give you a lot of control over the whole brewing process. To find out which is the best semi automatic espresso machine for home, take a look at different machines reviews on the Internet. User feedback is very useful when purchasing any home appliances.


Fully-automatic coffee machines are almost completely automated and give you a great shot of espresso at a push of the button. The only part you need to do yourself is grinding the beans and putting them in. After that, the machine brews the espresso automatically and pours the exact amount of liquid each time. They are the easiest espresso machine to master although you can’t influence the result much. They require the least effort so if you don’t want to spend much time brewing coffee in the morning, a fully-automated espresso machine might be the one for you.